About a century back Rabindranath Tagore's Geetanjali was translated into English. The publication of Geetanjali and the Nobel Prize brought Rabindranath to the world podium and transcended him from a regional poet to 'Biswa Kobi Rabindranath Thakur'. Yet in many corners of the world, nay India, Tagore's works are accessible to only an elite few largely because of the language barrier.

The gemstones of Tagore's versatile genius are his songs: 2200 Rabindrasangeet compiled as part of the collection "Gitabitan" (the music garden). Rabindrasangeet embodies a breathtaking fusion of Tagore's musicianship and poetic genius. Not only has this creation withstood the test of time for more than a century, but Rabindrasangeet has also secured a unique place in the subcontinent's musical culture.

In this age of globalization, it is high time for us to present to the larger world, the quintessential Tagore. The ultimate vehicle for this would be his music. Transcribed in Western classical notation, the most popular and established language of the musical world, Rabindrasangeet has the potential to easily establish itself as a world music genre. Our goal is to create a selected compilation of 500 Rabindrasangeet in Western Classical notation system, encapsulating the creative breadth and depth of Tagore's songs. For the initiated, we hope these transcriptions will offer an opportunity to get hands-on experience with this great art form. For the second generation Indians born and being raised in Western cultures, these transcriptions will mitigate transition to an otherwise unfamiliar territory. For the uninitiated, this will offer an opportunity to appreciate the exquisite beauty in Rabindrasangeet melodies, free of language and grammar constraints.

This historic effort to bring Tagore music to the entire world music fraternity rests on our shared ideals of music propagation and education to the world. This initiative is recognized and registered as a Non-Profit Foundation under the State law of Michigan.

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