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Name of the Project: Tagore – Beyond Boundaries

Presentation format – "Western classical notations in print as well as digital versions, including portable document format (PDF) of the main song along with lyrics and chords, mp3 audio and musical instrument digital interface (midi) files of the entire music. In addition, an integrated western classical notation software is provided to generate notation for any instrument on any scale and any tempo. To allow maximum flexibility, we are also adding a midi player to the product platform".
Target segment – Next generation music students: Music schools, institutions in India and Abroad / Non Resident Indians all over the world (e.g. USA and UK) / Bengalis and Non-Bengalis throughout India.

Project Directors:
Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty: Musician and Educator
Dr. Mousumi Banerjee: Singer, Scholar and Educator

Brief Biographical Sketches Relevant to this Project:

Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty is an internationally acclaimed Sarod musician from India. He is a versatile performer, music composer, and educator. Dr. Chakraborty has been involved in many educational musical projects in India and abroad for the last three decades. In his work as a musician and educator, he realized a very high demand for Tagore music learning materials among non-resident Indians. Furthermore, in collaborating with Ethnomusicology departments at premier institutions such as Hope University and Leeds College in UK, and University of Minnesota, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Michigan in the USA, he observed the dearth of Tagore music programs and felt the need for its propagation among the broader international community. There are currently no available study materials on Tagore music which these groups can learn from. The established format throughout the world in music education is the western classical notation format. Dr. Chakraborty believes that this will be the ideal platform to propagate Tagore music to the next generation of non-resident Indians and make this genre accessible to the international audience.

Dr. Mousumi Banerjee is a Professor in the School of Public Health and the Comprehensive Cancer Center, and an Affiliate Faculty in the Center for South Asian Studies at the University of Michigan in USA. She is a Rabindrasangeet singer and scholar and has been singing and cultivating Rabindrasangeet for more than two decades. She performs regularly in solo performances in the USA and India, and has also collaborated with musicians in the School of Music at University of Michigan on Tagore’s music and poetry related projects. Her perception of Tagore, combined with her diction and soulful style of singing creates an universal appeal that transcends barriers of language and nationality. Dr. Banerjee also has recorded two albums: Hriday Amar Prakash Holo (Rabindrasangeet), and Nijer Rabindranath: a unique reflection of her personal, ekanta apon Rabindranath through songs, poetry, narrative, and music.

Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty


Dr. Mousumi Banerjee